NAPALM MotorSports Review

   This is personal opinion and review of Napalm MotorSports at 12112 Ranch Road 620 N Austin, TX 78750


I had an appointment and they were to have some tires out for me to look at and when I got there, for my scheduled appointment, they were clueless. Then this Richard Cranium 'TightAss' said to me "Don’t be comin in here with an attitude!"
 The only attitude I got was from Napalm!

Although they have popular bike washes with babes in bikinis and free barbeque they also have a lot of bad reviews about the management and service. See comments and reviews left at Austin Motorcycle Riders Group Message Board,

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A week earlier in looking for a rear tire and was told by Mr. Yes Sir! Colton my 05 Victory Kingpin rear tire size is 180/55 18 which is correct. In asking him what is available in a rear tire ‘for my 05 Kingpin’ he told me all about a Michelin Pilot Road 2 with dual compound at affordable price. I went on the internet and read about 100+ of the 208 reviews and was sold. I called back to order the tire and Mr. Yes Sir! Colton told me they do not make it to fit my bike.

In searching around Napalm is about the only ones nearby that work on Victorys. So I did more research called back and ordered and paid for a rear tire.

 Thursday 9/12/13 I had a scheduled appointment. The employees knew I was coming and what I was wanting done. Earlier on the phone when shopping for a front tire I asked Armando if he could pull out my pre purchased back tire and 2 front tires options that he said were in stock so I could look at them to make a decision and he said sure.

The only thing out for me to check out when I get there, For My Scheduled Appointment, was 1 tire.

 It took 30 minutes to check in for service when Again I had an appointment and the guys knew what I was coming in for and what I was wanting done. While waiting the 30 minutes an apparent regular customer came in asking if they had a specific vin number on a bike. Instead of saying hang on till I finish with this customer Mr. Yes Sir! Colton stopped my order to help this guy. That is Just Wrong!

 Later Armando called me with more recommended needed work and did not have a price or time frame. He said he would work up a quote and call me back and it took 1 hr and 30 minutes to call me back. Anybody should have all that when calling. I declined the other work because it is just to expensive.

Upon showing up to pick up my bike Armando didn't know who had done work on my bike which is the same guy that I heard him talking to on the phone about the other service. Also the printer was out of paper. No biggy but with everything else I just got more mad.

Then when leaving I saw they put a chip in my gas tank. Not a big chip but how do you chip a tank replacing tires and doing an oil change? By this time I was livid. I went back in and talked with Spydy who took a picture of the tiny chipped paint and I told him about the BS I experienced. Upon checking in Colton did a thorough look over on my bike writing down diagramming every dink chip and or scrap like is done when renting a car I guess to cover their azz. I looked with him and he didn't write down the chip because it was not there!

I finally got out to ride the next Sunday and in inspecting I saw smears and grease all over my bike; side covers, engine side cover, exhaust, mufflers, swing arms, and greasy finger prints and smudges on both rims. Anyone can see several clear finger prints. I do not expect a detail job from getting service but I do expect a quick wipe down of the grease and grim they got all over the place.

 Not only is the staff incompetent but management is rude and the parts and service department is mismanaged.

I am only a casual rider and not well known in the cycling community but wanted every one to know I think
 Napalm MotorSports of Austin is a Rip Off!

If you are looking for parts and service for your motorcycle in north Austin beware of these lame azzes.

Again this is a personal opinion from my experience.