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Peacock Enterprises Inc is a corporation focusing on selling the best air purification products.

We have experience selling HEPA, Ionic, UV, UV PCO and commercial air purifiers for over 18 years. We have experience selling for over 14 years. Peacock Enterprises Inc is a branch out from the now closed Peak Pure Air which had been selling air purification products since December 2000 with a money back guarantee and an A+ BBB rating. PeakPureAir.com was a branch of Peak Pure Air Mechanical Contracting.

Our Mission: Peacock Enterprises Inc owns UVAirPurifiers.com and UV-Air-Purifiers.info which are E-commerce web sites representing and distributing quality air purification products Bio-Fighter UV light systems and replacement Bio-Fighter UV lamps plus Dust Fighter Filters. Our mission at UVAirPurifiers.com is to provide the finest products for eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and VOCs available for home, office, business, or commercial air purification. Peacock Enterprises Inc is located in Lago Vista, Texas.

Our personal individual "hands on" approach and "customer satisfaction" remains a major priority.
We have experience selling Bio-Fighter for over 14 years as an Authorized Top Dealer!

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 UV-Air-Purifiers.info and UVAirPurifiers.com offers secure online ordering and Free Shipping.

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